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At Executive Real Estate, we believe that communication with cooperating agents is an important part of serving our clients.  Agent feedback is an invaluable way to better understand what the buyer's market desires.

As a special "Thank You" for taking the time to evaluate this property, your name will be entered in our monthly drawing for prizes such as movie tickets, car washes, gift certificates, etc.   

Please take a moment to tell us what you think about our listing.

 Property Address:   

What is your opinion about the general condition of the property?

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Do any of the following conditions apply to this property?

Excessive Clutter    Undesirable Decor    Needs Cleaning

Needs Updating       Needs Painting         Too Much Furniture

Unpleasant Odor    Aggressive/Loud Pet  Untidy Yard/Landscaping

 Other negative conditions: 

What is your opinion about the price of the property?

Overpriced  Priced Right Underpriced

Compared to other properties viewed, how interested was your client in this property?

More  Same Less

Primary reason buyer chose not to purchase this home?

Floor plan unappealing    Undesirable Decor    Too Small (overall)

Rooms Too Small       Disliked Neighborhood   Disliked Lot or Yard

Needs Updating       Inconvenient Location       Overpriced for Area

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